Emissions and Fuel Consumption 
of Propulsion System Concepts


The task of the research area is to investigate and deal with pollutant emissions and energy consumption from motor vehicles. Research activities include measurements on chassis dynamometers and engine test beds as well as testing with on-board measurement systems and developing and applying models that simulate the fuel consumption and emissions of motor vehicles with conventional and alternative propulsion
The software developed in this research area ranges from development tools for industry to emission inventories for cities and countries for the purpose of environmental monitoring.


  • Measurement of emissions and energy consumption of vehicles
  • Detailed simulation of
    • single vehicles
    • engines
    • auxiliaries
    • vehicle fleets
    • Simulationstools: PHEM; PHEMlightNEMO
  • Simulation of alternative propulsion systems (HEV, PHEV, REX, BEV.)
  • Development of test cycles from real world driving behaviour
  • Simulation of emissions for local, regional and global monitoring tasks.