Master thesis

In a master’s thesis, you have the opportunity to work on interesting research topics, often in cooperation with an industrial partner.

The master’s degree program concludes with the master’s thesis, which describes a project with design/experimental, theoretical/numerical, technological and economic content that reflects about 1,000 hours of work (30 ECTS credits).

In regular information events general queries concerning the performance of master’s thesis offered by the Institute of Internal Combustion Engines and Thermodynamics are treated and current topics are presented. The next scheduled sessions can be found here.


      1. Fill out the TUG assignment of a master’s thesis form
      2. Fill out the institute supervision form (up to and including the scope of work and schedule)
      3. Prepare a brief description of the master's thesis (½ page to 1 page) and a general schedule (start/end) 
        (Please complete these three points right at the beginning of the MT and return the forms as soon as possible to the Teaching Office!) Read about and apply for an award from the Fachverband der Fahrzeugindustrie (Fahrzeugverband – Jubiläumsstiftung)

      4. Read "Instructions for the registration of your TUG thesis"
      5. Write to the VR for Academic Affairs to embargo the MT DT DISS (fill out the application at TUG online)
      6. Provide feedback on the master’s theses
      7. Fill out the Statutory Declaration Form (Eidesstattliche Erklärung) (which must be included in the MT/DT) available at:
      8. Use the master’s thesis/dissertation template (file via email)
    1. SUBMISSION OF A MASTER’S THESIS:(All of the following must be submitted!)
      1. 2 bound copies of the master's thesis (A4): 1x for the institute, 1x for the library (a third copy if required for the supervisor)
      2. Abstract
      3. Application form to embargo the master’s thesis/diploma thesis
      4. CD-ROM (pdf) max. 15 MB
      5. Return all literature borrowed from the institute (books, publications, etc.)
      6. Provide feedback about the master’s thesis (in a sealed envelope)


    1. Upon completion of the MT/DT, sign up for a presentation date in the Teaching Office (Ms. Zeiler). It will be set about two weeks before the evaluation meeting. Registration must take place on time.




Overview of topics currently available


For additional topics, please contact the director of the appropriate research area directly!